iStudies Pro

iStudiez Pro is an app that can be useful for teachers and students. To this day, Apple’s cellphones/tablets/mac and Windows software (since August 2014) are the devices on which the app works. The full version is 3.49$ in the apple store, but you can get a lite version for free. I downloaded the free version on my iPhone 5c. When you open the app, the first thing they ask you is if they can access to your calendar. Then, after you chose “yes”, they ask you if you are used to the app or if it is the first time you use it.


When choosing the demo, they don’t show a video or memos with arrows; they only give you an already filled file.

There are four categories

  1. “Today”

So, in the section “today”, you can find your classes of the day. For example, if you already entered that you have a French class every Tuesday from 2pm to 5pm, every Tuesday, you’ll find that schedule in the “today’s section”. There is even a count down from the time the class begins to the time it ends. You can even add a note like “do not forget to bring the yellow sheet” or something like that; when you click on your class of the day, you will see that note. Also, you can see the location of the class, the name of the teacher and if you have any assignment due. At the end of that class, you can press on “Add assignment” to write down your homework or you can press on “cancel this class” if you don’t have it anymore or if that day, you don’t have that class. Also, when a class is done, it deletes itself from the “today’s” page and when you have other classes later that day, they also indicate them.

  1. “Calendar”

The second category is “calendar”. When you press on that icon, you see the present month’s calendar. You can swipe to previous or next months. The calendar really look like your apple device’s calendar. When you have one activity, it is indicated by a little dot under the date, if you have two activities, there are two dots and so on. Well, you have the “Schedule” where you can see all your events, and the “Assignments” section where you can only see your assignments; it can be really useful if you want to see what assignments are to hand in the days to come.


3. Assignments

The assignment category is, in my opinion, the greatest thing about this app. It allows you to see your assignments from due dates (it is written “today” or “tomorrow” or the dates to come depending on your assignments). You can also choose to see the assignments by course by clicking on the “course” category or to see them by priority. Adding an assignment is really easy, you can click on the “+” icon on the right top of the page. Then, you press on “course”, it’ll open a list of all your courses so you can select the one in which you need to do the homework. After that, you title the assignment and you can write a description of it. You choose the due date (you can press on a date in the calendar or on “next class” or on “today”) and you categorize it in “low priority”, “normal priority” or “high priority”- if you choose high priority, a red flag will appear beside the assignement. You can even add partners by pressing on “Add Partner”, it will direct you to your contact list where you can select your partners. There is even a subcategory called “Completed” where you can see all your completed assignments. A teacher can use this app to be more organized by writing what his/her classes are, when, and when are the assignments due.

  1. “Planner”

The planner section is designed for the general information about your semester. You can add more semester if you have the full version, but having one semester is already enough, in my opinion. When pressing on “my semester”, you can see all your classes, by selecting one, you see how many times in the week you have it, when, where and who is your teacher. You can add your Holidays schedule in the middle subcategory “Holidays”. You can add all your teachers’ information in the “Instructor” subcategory. You can write their e-mail, their webpage, their office hours, their department and affiliation, their phone and see in which classes he teaches and when these classes are.

iStudies is a really good app for students especially, it can help them get organized since most of them are more often on their cellphones then checking their agenda. By having this complete and clear device, a student cannot forget an assignment if he checks it every day. The “bad” thing about this app is that there isn’t a possibility to have alerts. Overall, I think that it can even help teachers, and the free version is complete enough, in my opinion.

« iStudiez Pro is a great app for keeping track of your classes, assignments, and tests. It can feed into iCal as well, so you can track your commitments on your main computer too. » – mike457

« Oh, forgot to mention this- for those of you with iPhone/iPod Touch, there is an app called « iStudiez Pro » that organizes courses, assignments, meetings, exams, etc. It was about $2 I think, and I normally don’t promote stuff like this, but it has been very helpful. » – ImaJerseyGirl

Please check the official website for more information and updates on the software.

I think istudiez pro is good for today’s students. It is not for nothing that ICTs are more used in class today than ever before, this generation doesn’t like paper, they like technologies. I saw, in my practicum, that secondary students can forget to use their agendas or just decide not to. With istudiez pro, they can go on their phone and have an electronic agenda and check it once in a while. What is the first thing most students do when they wake up? They check their cellphones. With reminders of their classes and due assignments, they won’t forget homework assignments again. Also, what is different from a normal calendar and istudiez pro is that you have everything in one app. It is specialized for your classes; you have your teachers’ email addresses, courses schedule, classes location, and more! I liked the app, the lite version is enough, it is a good tool for students to use, in my opinion.


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