Pixton is a website where you can create comics. It is an effective tool for teachers to use with their students to write comics. There is a 30-day free trial. During that trial, you can have up to 50 students. With the free trial, you cannot download your creating, but you can publish it to the website. The paid version, for an individual teacher, is $10.99 per month. With that paid version, the teacher can have up to 200 students’ accounts. The paid account can be canceled at any time. There is also a paid option for schools and districts. It costs $2.15 per student per year.

This website is made for creating comics. There are endless options. With the advanced tool, you can modify and create features. You can create characters and use them in more than one comic. There are of helpful videos on how to create a comic, so you can show some to your students or ask them to watch them individually. You can you can share your work to a website, a social media, and download it to your computer. To print you work, there is a little charge.

By having a teacher account, your students can be added in a list, you can have access to your groups by going into “My Classrooms” section. There, you will see every group; you will be able to edit your lists, to change the name of the groups, to see how much students are in those, and to delete groups. You can also control what students see and do on their accounts.

Teachers can create new project or choose project already created and modify it. The already made projects are sorted by level, subject area, and key word.

Each submitted comic appears on the teacher’s home page. When the teacher see the work, he or she can choose to accept the project or to send it back to the students; the teacher can write a comment like “You did not do enough panels, you need to have 20”, so when the student receives it, the message appear and the student can modify it and resend it again. When the teacher approves a work, it is shared to the students’ gallery where the whole class can see it. Then, students can comment on their classmates’ works to congratulate them or to give pieces of advice for the future.

Sam Shank, a middle school teacher, mentioned that the tool was a “Creative and fun way for students to develop a story”.

Teachers can grade students by using a five stars system or by asking students to evaluate their own work. There is a rubric with evaluation criteria where students can read and choose in which category they think they fit, in A, B, C or D.

All teachers could use it. IF we focus on the English as a second language classroom, ESL teachers, whatever the level they are teaching, could ask their students to work on Pixton. Teachers can also use it on smart board to do an example on how to use it. An example of a project that could be asked to students could be to write a story in 15-20 panels about characters going on an adventure. Just by asking students to do this simple story, they have a chance to practice their second language, to know how to convey an idea precisely and logically, and to know how to tell a story in a logical sequence. Plus, if the project is conducted in pairs or with in teams, the students can also develop their social skills and learn how to communicate and cooperate with others.

Mr. Brown, a 7th grade teacher wrote: “Pixton allowed my students to be fully engaged on the material that I was teaching while simultaneously drawing both their interest and creativity in a very interesting medium!”

Another project could be to create a comic about a grammar rule. The students could create a character who explains the grammar rule in a creative way. During a class, students could come up front to show their comics and read them out loud. It would be a good and fun way to present grammar rules. It would also motivate them to listen and to understand.

Ms. Muncy, a fourth grade science teacher mentioned: “Pixton provided a fun, creative outlet for students to demonstrate their understanding. “

To conclude, I really think that elementary and secondary teachers should use this website. The online aspect is a plus; the school doesn’t have to install the software into their computers. I tried it, it’s really fun, there are so many possibilities, you can really write about anything. It’s also easy to use.


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